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Family Blog

Family Blog

Whether written by the team at Family Friendly HQ or guest written by a mum, a dad, or other family member, our blogs and articles focus on capturing and chronicling all the precious moments and stories of the family’s everyday life. We blog about news stories that relate to the family and cover humerous topics and viral videos too!
teenagers taking selfies and lice
Kids can transmit lice by touching their heads together, and that’s happening with all these photos
Parents are scratching their heads over why more teens are getting lice. The answer- their favorite pastime: taking selfies. 
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what i miss about school
Mum Gets Nostalgic: Things I miss about school.
At the time though I couldn’t wait to grow up and be free.
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parents sue aerlingus over hot tea spill
Parents are suing Aerlingus following hot tea spill
A ten-year-old girl who was injured when a hot cup of tea spilled on her mid flight and her folks are suing Aer Lingus for negligence
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best age to have a baby
If You Wanna Have a Brood of Kids You Best Start That Baby-Making Early!
You've only met your partner or have walked down the aisle and the unsolicited tips start flowing in!
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parent of a new baby
Mistakes New Parents Make
Unfortunately when you have a baby it doesn’t come with a manual, and a lot of parenting is on the job training.
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