Why Are Non-Alcoholic Beverages Suddenly So Popular?

Us parents know that hangovers and kids don’t mix, but up until recently if you opted for a coke on a night out, you’d feel like the odd one out.

Thankfully non-alcoholic beverages are suddenly everywhere you look, and there’s more variety than ever.

Several celebrities have noticed the huge potential of the zero-alcohol drinks category and have launched their own brands. Pop star Katy Perry has her own range of sparkling non-alcoholic aperitifs named ‘De Soi’ which are designed for sipping before dinner; mother of three and successful actress Blake Lively has launched ‘Betty Buzz’, a selection of sparkling non-alcoholic mixers which can be enjoyed on their own. No doubt she enjoys them herself as she recently admitted that she doesn’t drink; international supermodel Bella Hadid has launched ‘Kin Euphorics’, a non-alcoholic botanical-infused seltzer brand; closer to home, reality TV star (and husband of Vogue Williams) Spencer Matthews is behind 'CleanCo', a non-alcoholic spirits brand specialising in alcohol-free gins with flavours such as rhubarb.

So, why are people opting for non-alcoholic beverages now more than ever?


As mentioned previously, parents can attest to the fact that while hangovers are horrendous - once you have kids, they’re even worse. You don’t have the option to simply sleep in till midday when you have children, as you’re up at the crack of dawn no matter what. However, nights out (if you’re lucky enough to have a babysitter) are a great way to wind down and switch off. Therefore, if there’s a sophisticated drink on the menu that won’t leave you with a sore head, it’s the wise choice.

Designated Drivers

Having a designated driver is a good idea if you want to head out without spending a fortune on a taxi. The problem is that the person that’s driving you all home is left with a boring night ahead of them if they’re left feeling like a kid that has to stick to soft drinks. Thankfully, because the range of zero alcohol drinks is now so large, everyone can join in a toast. The only dilemma they’re left with is trying to decide which mocktail tickles their fancy.

Spy Game

Unfortunately, whether you’re in the pub or at a party, people still give you funny looks if you’ve decided not to drink. And if your only options are juice or water, it’s hard to disguise what you’re knocking back. Fortunately, because you can now opt for a non-alcoholic beer or wine you’re doing away with all the awkward questions. Early pregnancy is one particular time in your life when alcohol is off the agenda and you might not want people wondering why. The great news is that you can now secretly celebrate your good news with a small glass of zero alcohol prosecco. Bring on the bubbles!

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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