About CyberSafeIreland

Family Friendly HQ are delighted to announce a partnership with non-profit organisation CyberSafeIreland. We value their mission which is to empower children, parents and teachers to navigate the online world in a safe and responsible manner.

As Ireland’s trusted parenting community, Family Friendly HQ are committed to providing helpful and purposeful content for Irish families. Part of that commitment is keeping parents up to date with matters of safety when it comes to their children.

We know from our research that Irish parents are anxious and fearful of the dangers that the online world can pose for their children, and indeed the entire family.

For this reason we have decided to partner with CyberSafeIreland to help parents navigate this area and create the Online Wellbeing Family Guide. By partnering with CyberSafeIreland we can now offer expert-approved content on a plethora of online safety topics such as cyber bullying, parental controls, screen time and unsuitable content.

We are the first Irish website to receive a badge of approval from CyberSafeIreland who have approved the content in our Online Wellbeing Family Guide. Our guide was designed to provide helpful expert-led content about the online world. The content in the guide explores the topics which parents struggle with the most.

Parents can learn about the apps and social media platforms that their children are using as well as the safety measures and parental controls available within them. It also explores challenging areas such as how parents can discuss difficult topics with their children and equip them for the possible dangers of the internet, without scaring them.

CyberSafeIreland have an excellent website full of helpful content in this field. They run a variety of talks, workshops and focus groups within schools and in a private capacity also. We are delighted to be partnering with them in a bid to help Irish parents embrace the benefits of technology while armed with the facts and strategies to do so in a safe manner.

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