Online Wellbeing Family Guide

Our Online Wellbeing Family Guide will empower parents to navigate cyberbullying, social media and online safety concerns with their children in a safe way.

FFHQ Social Media Guide

Welcome to our social media guide. Here, you can click on the tabs to read a brief guide on each social media platform and find out how to access their parental and safety settings.

Facebook icon


Social media site mainly used for sharing, posting, liking and commenting on content which also allows for live broadcast videos and messaging.

Twitter icon


Fast-paced social media platform used for posting up to 280-character tweets, videos and photos. Not unlikely for teens to set up private, anonymous accounts as well as their public accounts where they closely monitor who follows them.

Instagram icon


Arguably the most popular social media app at the moment – users can post photos, videos and stories that can be seen by their followers but also the public, depending on their privacy setting. Also common for teens to set up “finstas”, which are accounts followed by their friends only where they can share and vent their feelings.

Youtube icon


A video sharing platform popular with kids and teens alike. Hosts content from family vloggers, makeup bloggers, musicians with everything in between. Has a safety mode which restricts inappropriate content for younger kids.

TikTok icon


Short form, user-generated videos with a personalized home feed based on what you watch. Main content includes funny and cheerful videos, with viral dance routines to name a few themes. Popular platform among kids and teens – parental controls available.

Whatsapp icon


Messaging platform which allows users to send texts, videos, voice notes, photos and documents for free. Each user has a profile linked to their phone number. Popular for both individual messaging as well as groupchats.

Messenger icon


Linked to Facebook – allows Facebook users to privately send each other texts, photos, videos, voice notes and documents to each other as well as set up groupchats and post stories.

Tinder icon


Dating app designed to match users based on their profile. It suggests users that match your profile, and you can decide if you like them or not by swiping left or right. Although it is predominately aimed at 18+, not unlikely that minors could gain access.

Snapchat icon


Multimedia messaging app which allows users to communicate with friends via texting and sending photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours unless saved or screenshotted. Users can also post stories which their friends can view for 24 hours. As well as that, users can read stories published by media platforms such as Refinery29, Daily Mail and Sky News.

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