Everything You Need For Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday may come from the idea of using up the rich foods and ingredients in our presses before Lent begins, but it has become one of our favourite household traditions.

So much so we don’t need any excuses to whip up a batch of light and fluffy breakfast pancakes at any time throughout the year. Falling on March 1 this year, we have prepped a list of everything you need for a flippin' great Pancake Tuesday.

A Tried And Tested Pancake Pan

Getting the batter right is one thing. Getting the right pan is the other. I’ll admit, it took me a long time to find the right pan to ensure my pancakes were evenly cooked and easy to flip. A crepe or pancake pan is a must to take the stress out of whether your pancakes will burn or bubble. Crepe pans are traditionally wide, non-stick, and shallow, allowing you to swish the batter around the pan and flip that crepe to the other side with a flick of the wrist. If you routinely make pancakes, it’s worthwhile investing in a crepe pan.

The Right Recipe

There is much contention about what is the best pancake recipe. From Mary Berry’s easy pancake recipe to Donal Skehan’s basic but delicious pancakes, and not forgetting your grandmother’s perfect Sunday morning pancakes, we are spoilt for choice.

Pancakes are wonderfully versatile. You can add oats, fruit, flax, seeds and whole grains to your recipe. In truth, pancake batter is pretty easy to make (especially if you buy the ready-made variety!) - flour, eggs, and milk.

Make a well in the centre of your sieved flour (125g) and add two large eggs along with 300ml of milk and slowly whisk them all together until you have a light and smooth batter.

How To Put Your Weekend Food Leftovers To Excellent Use

Helpful Utensils

A whisk is pretty much a necessity to get those light and fluffy pancakes, as is the right spatula; thin and wide enough to get under those bubbling pancakes for a good flip.

The Right Temperature

And speaking of the flip, it’s a lot more than simply a good flick of the wrist. Cooking your pancakes at the right temperature and time will make that flip so much easier. We don’t want our pancakes to burn, so ensure your pan is hot enough on medium-low heat.

Your pancake is ready to be flipped when air bubbles rise to the surface throughout the pancake, not just around the edges. Adding butter to the pan before cooking and after the flip will give you golden pancakes.

The Right Toppings

Melted butter and sugar, lemon juice, fresh fruit, chocolate spread, honey, maple syrup and crispy bacon; our pancake topping choices are as individual as we are. Have your favourite toppings to hand so that as soon as those warm pancakes are off the heat, you can enjoy them.

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