Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh was a Medical Librarian in a previous life. After 12 years, she gave it all up to pursue a lifelong ambition and ignite her passion for writing. She is a freelance journalist and writer and happily is the one who picks the kids up from school. Raising their two daughters in the Meath countryside, Geraldine and her husband are stil easing their way into life as parents.
Balancing home and work life, Geraldine contributes to the Irish Times, Irish Examiner various magazines and websites on parenting, wellness and mental health. She is passionate about opening up the conversations we are often afraid to share and will always be happy to talk about her journey with PND and anxiety, aka the Fricking Flamingo, or lend a friendly ear to anyone who needs it. A self-professed introvert, she is older than she looks and says she can not write without coffee but really she can.

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