Why 'Bluey' Is For Us Parents As Well As Our Kids

Thank you, Disney, for bringing 'Bluey' into our living rooms!

I’m not sure I’ve met a parent yet who doesn’t love and feel utterly seen by the pack of four Blue Heelers. Kids love the antics of sisters Bluey and Bingo, and parents are unsurprisingly connected to Bandit and Chilli, the parents and incredibly relatable characters. If you or your kids have yet to click on 'Bluey' and binge the ten-minute episodes, let me give you five reasons why 'Bluey' is for us parents and our kids.

In A Word: Bandit

Bandit is the dad. Bandit is hilarious. Bandit is wired. If we all had the energy of Bandit, we’d be rocking this parenting lark. But he is also sensitive, competent, funny, thoughtful, and has his parental limits. It’s brilliant to watch Bandit vie to win an obstacle race against his eldest, only to feel exasperated when she won’t go to bed. Not many shows paint the dad in such a wonderful way. Bandit is an absolute all-rounder, as is Pat, Lucky’s Dad, who lives across the fence.

Imaginative Play

Okay, I’m not one for imaginative play, and Bandit and Chilli are quite honestly the kind and queen of makey-uppy games, but I can’t help but feel inspired (and amused) by their energy and creativity. I won’t lie, some of the 'Bluey' games have made their way into our game rotation (more often when dad is home!) too. A game of grannies is a weekly, if not daily, occurrence, as is keepy-uppy and shadowlands.

The Sensitive Moments

Unlike other family-styled cartoons like 'Peppa Pig' and the like, 'Bluey' sets an utterly sensitive and real tone. Moments such as taking the bins out and having big conversations in the process, or silent episodes when the rain falls and needs are met, and even the wonderful depiction of the maternal mental load all lend themselves to those real family moments.

The Reality

The modern life of parenthood, working from home, slightly hungover, gender role stereotypes, relationships, needing a break, parental exasperation, and the reality of life as a parent is not shied away from, which makes me feel very, very seen. Those days when you want to lie on the floor and let the kids fend for the self are hilariously spun in 'Bluey'.

Good Enough Is Enough

I know we reiterate this phrase repeatedly and do our best to recognise when we are good enough, but it can be difficult to see it when we compare ourselves to online peers. So let’s look at Bandit and Chilli and see how good enough they are. They battle arguments with the kids, are triggered by the things they do, loud noises, and messy rooms, and face big parental problems. They are doing their best. And their best is good enough.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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