New Irish Parenting Podcast with Expert-Led Advice You Will Actually Use

When it comes to parenting, there is an endless amount of conflicting advice and opinions out there that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, there is a new Irish parenting podcast that gives practical, useful advice and tackles the challenges of parenthood in a relatable and informative way.

Hosted by the Irish Examiner's Parenting Editor Irene Feighan, the 12-part podcast series sees her talking to parenting experts Dr. Colman Noctor, Dr. Joanna Fortune, and psychotherapist Richard Hogan about anything from toddler tantrums to teenage tempers and everything in between.

Expert Advice

So far the podcast has covered childhood anxiety, 'playful parenting', bullying, social media, gaming, and more. Speaking about childhood bullying in episode 3 of the podcast, family psychotherapist Richard Hogan provided comforting advice on a topic that can cause a lot of distress for parents.

Richard spoke about his own experience with his daughter who had been called a name by another child. He asked her did she believe what the other child had said, and whether or not she would take advice from this person. It helped his daughter re-shape the experience and honestly, as a parent listening I clung to every word. It was such simple, practical advice that teaches children that nasty words hold no power if you don't believe them, giving kids a more positive sense of self and greater autonomy.

Short and Impactful

Life is busy as a parent we know but we love that these episodes are a wonderful bitesize 20 minutes or so long. We guarantee each episode leaves you with at least one pearl of wisdom you will use and will make you feel more empowered as a parent.

How to Listen

New episodes drop every Tuesday. You can listen to the series so far here.

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