Here's To Our Favourite TV Mums!

Mums are the best (tell us something we don’t already know). Mums are also often the strongest characters in our favourite TV shows.

The cream of the crop make us laugh, cry, smile and cringe; they’re the perfect companion when you need a bit of escapism. Here’s a round-up of our favourite TV mums that frequent our small screens.

Liz From 'Motherland'

If you need to feel better about your parenting skills, you need to put ‘Motherland’ on ASAP. Liz’s sarcasm and no-nonsense attitude are a joy to behold and from the first episode when she remains calm as a cucumber after cutting her finger off (while hacking into some frozen cheese – don’t ask).  

Mummy Pig From 'Peppa Pig'

If you’re mum to a toddler, Mummy Pig is undoubtedly one of your best mum friends who frequents your living room on a regular basis. She’s got great taste in clothes; her orange dress is a classic and she has many hidden talents. When Mr Bull challenges everyone at the funfair to test their strength with his hammer and bell, he can’t believe his eyes when she clangs the bell five times! Go Mummy Pig!

Charlotte From 'And Just Like That'

Charlotte doesn’t always get parenting right, but then who does? However, you can’t argue that her heart is in the right place. When Lily turns to her mother for help with inserting her tampon, Charlotte goes through every trick in the book to try and help her daughter master it. Unfortunately, even mums can get caught out and when she has a "flash period" herself whilst wearing white overalls at a volunteer day, we feel her pain. Charlotte would certainly be a welcome guest at our next dinner party.

Kate From 'Workin' Moms'

'Workin’ Moms' is back for a sixth season on Netflix so it’s clear that none of us can get enough of Kate and friends. From navigating newborns in season one to dealing with teenagers in season six, there’s never a dull moment. Anyone that thinks kids are easier when they’re older will certainly rethink this viewpoint after seeing the trials and tribulations that these ladies have to deal with. If anyone’s ever absent-mindedly made a silly mistake when they’re tired and stressed, they’ll feel for Kate when she has a nasty accident with a frog and a microwave…

Us mums have to stick together though, right?  

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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