'Neighbours' Is Coming To An End, But Not Before A Nostalgic Finale

They were right when they said "everybody needs good neighbours", but unfortunately after 37 years the good neighbours have decided to move on.

That’s right, the series that has remained a faithful companion to us through thick and thin has left the building (or in this case, the set). Thankfully they’re going out with a bang for the 'Neighbours' finale; not like the explosion that rocked Toadie and Sonya’s marquee wedding in 2013, but by inviting back so many former cast members, you’ll feel like your head is going to explode. Who thought that Harold would reappear yet again by casually dropping by Karl and Susan’s after making his last appearance in 2015?

Speaking of the Kennedys - it has recently been announced that while Karl and Susan have packed their bags, they’ve handed over the keys to Booking.com for two nights. The lucky new tenant that nabs this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will stay at 28 Ramsay Street on July 27 and 28, and even have a barbie and a beer with Karl!

If you thought that Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher (aka The Kennedy’s) would take the opportunity of the series finishing to take a well-earned rest, you’d be wrong. They’ll be hitting the road with 'Neighbours: The Farewell Tour' in 2023 and most UK dates have already sold out.

While Karl and Susan are undoubtedly firm favourites with fans of the show, there’s no denying that Scott and Charlene (aka Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue) are the most loved characters. Who can forget their wedding which aired in 1988 and was watched by over 20 million viewers? The music, the outfits and the hair are all so iconic we can still remember them over three decades later.

If you’re a fan, no doubt you’ll have seen Kylie and Jason posting pics from the set, so they’re definitely back for the finale!

Kylie’s Instagram post features her wearing her character’s mechanic overalls (how could she wear anything else) and she’s accompanied the photo with: "Now we’re back together."

How apt because the twosome has also announced that they’re releasing a limited run of 'Especially For You' on… vinyl and cassette! I don’t know about you but although vinyl has never really gone away, I never thought I’d regret getting rid of my tape player decades ago; looks like I need to head over to Amazon. My kids are about to get a real taste of what it was like growing up in the '80s!     

Grab your tissues and watch the 'Neighbours' finale on RTÉ 2 on August 3.

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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