Budget Friendly Autumn Décor Ideas

We don’t need to get Halloween ready just yet, but that’s not to say we can’t start adding some touches of autumn around our homes.

Autumn’s rich, earthy tones are a striking change from the bright summer colours and I for one can’t wait to decorate my home with the sumptuous fall shades. And no doubt your little helpers will be only too willing to assist you with your autumn decor plan!

Dress To Impress

Of course, it’s straightforward to buy dried flowers to display in your home but why not make it more personal (and budget-friendly) by getting the kids together and doing it as a craft activity? Pressed dried flowers in autumn colours make super pretty pictures; simply select your flowers, press them between the pages of a heavy book (with a piece of paper on either side), and wait for a few weeks. Then use double-sided tape to stick them to a card and then frame them. Pictures made and memories made!

Pin It!

We decorate our fireplaces like clockwork for Christmas every year but don’t let autumn get left out! Long walks in the woods are great opportunities for gathering beautiful flowers, twigs and leaves and if you want to make it even more special you could let your children paint some acorns for display. Add some candles and fairy lights and you’ll be left with a mantle piece that wouldn’t look out of place on Pinterest!

Shine Bright Like A Sunflower

Sunflowers are still seasonal in September and they’ll add a hint of sunshine wherever you place them. The yellow and brown tones will also fit in perfectly with the rest of your autumnal décor. If you’re lucky enough to have some in your garden, you can pick them and arrange them in a vase, and if not make sure you plant some next spring to reap the benefits this time next year!

An Apple A Day…

We associate apples strongly with autumn and while we’re not ready for apple bobbing just yet (though it’s no harm to get some practice in) another gorgeous way we can use this rosy-red fruit is as candle holders! Simply remove the apple stem, core your chosen apple, use lemon juice to stop the inside from browning and insert a tapered candle. To switch things up and create tealight holders instead, use a melon baller instead of an apple corer to create a shallow, round hole. Your kids will love to help with this crafting activity (if it’s age appropriate).

Jennie Dennehy

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