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Why the person you love and live with can DRIVE YOU CRAZY!

Why the person you love and live with can DRIVE YOU CRAZY!

no toilet roll
Ever love someone so much yet living with them can get under your skin at times? As a new parent, all the changes can include intolerance for what was once a petty nuisance, easily forgotten. The baby comes and suddenly your skin is easily climbed into and under! 

Here are 10 ways of having your head wrecked in your own home, little by little...
  • Kettle Boiling. You are constantly filling and boiling the kettle as a mammy. When you actually want a cup of tea yourself, the kettle is empty. Always! How is that?? Teeth grinding. ..
  • Fairy of Loo Roll, Toothpaste and all things Domestic.There is no magic. You know you are the toilet roll fairy. If you don’t change the roll, it doesn’t happen.
  • Bed making-last out makes it. Your partner always has a go at ‘making the bed’ in the morning but you find yourself going over it again to shake out pillows and pull the sheets over the mattress fully as they are all loose and scrunched up. Grrrr...
  • Car Etiquette. Empty coffee cups (not yours) are left in your car until you bring them to a bin even though you have ten bags to manage for your children’s needs too.
  • The Empty Packet Tease. Packets left in cupboard even though they are EMPTY. You thought there was a Tayto packet left but it was only a tease. You cannot DEAL!
  • Listening. Or not listening. The automatic ‘Huh?’ that means ‘repeat yourself even though I know exactly what you said’ causes many the passive aggressively lived moment. Imaginary face slap.
  • The Where Everything Is Question. Asking where something is without even LOOKING first. EG ‘Where is the Disprin?’ when it is in the medicine box alongside all its other medicine box  (filled by the fairy) with all its medical friends where they all ALWAYS hang out. Gnashing molars sound. ..
  • Snoring. This is a toughie. A chronic snorer can cause such a feeling of bitterness and pain inside any other human present especially at three am when rationality is resting. The torture of a baby being asleep yet you are awake due to the rumbles of someone else’s deep sleep is frustrating beyond belief. Chronic snorers are often in denial too and refuse to believe it happens. Oh the thought of it alone. ..
  • Walking past objects on floor or stairs that need picking up or dropping off. Do you really think the nine pack of toilet roll lives on the stairs???
  • Saying You Are Cross! Nothing makes you crosser than someone asking you are you a bit cross today!! Sometimes they are right and that is even more annoying!
Written by Orla, who is in her thirties (much to her disbelief), married to a handsome farmer and they have two beautiful little girls. She blogs at where you can visit to read her other musings!