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When your child doesn’t want to do anything.

When your child doesn’t want to do anything.

sad child with her mum
Most kids are naturally self-motivated and go getters while others need a little encouragement. Though your kids are young they should feel motivated and want to do things instead of doing nothing all the time. However, as easy as that is to instil in them when they are young once they get older it is even harder to motivate and inspire your child into achieving something in life. That isn’t to say you are being a pushy parent-far from it as you only want what is best and if your child has little interest in doing anything than they may fall into that trap. Here are a few tips on getting your kids to do something with themselves and giving them tools to be more self-motivated.
  • Inspire and influence- If you want your child to be motivated you should inspire your child and influence their decisions so that they do well. Show them how to be good at stuff and how to strive to be better or as good as you can be. Use inspirational quotes and leave them around the house, believe in yourselves too.
  • Be consistent- Consistency is key when dealing with children and especially older kids who are nearing the teenager years. There is a line between pushing your child too much and you must find the right balance by being consistent with them. Explain to your child about what you expect and how they should be behaving. Telling your kids that sitting around lazily is not acceptable is a good way to start. Otherwise kids will do that and it is easy to make that a habit so you must break the habit.
  • Don’t try and control your child- Controlling your child is not an option as they will always do as they like or at least as much as they can. You cannot hope to control them but you can get them to behave the way you want them to with some little understated tactics!
  • Encourage them to take part in activities or events- Finding something your child enjoys is key to getting them motivated. If they enjoy something they will invariably work on it and become fixated on doing well.
  • Teach your child to be responsible- If your child can take responsibility and be held accountable for their poor actions if anything they should learn how to be ambitious and motivated. Messing up is a good way to learn and kids generally want to do well so once they find a solution to their problem themselves, they should become more motivated to do better next time.
  • Understand that it is hard being young- You cannot expect your child to care the way you care about mundane things or the bigger things. They don’t have the same feelings as you would and that’s ok if they learn from you. Caring about their own future is imperative obviously but not if their room is a mess. Pick your battles!  
  • Work on it- Keep at it and be a good role model to your kids. Strive to be a good influence over your child and they should follow your example.
Good luck!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ