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The (funny) daily struggles of a working mom

The (funny) daily struggles of a working mom

The (funny) daily struggles of a working mom
A Mammy who works outside the home during the day doesn’t exactly have it easy yet we all know how hard it is to stay at home with the kids too right?!
It aint no picnic running around after the kids all day but each to their own and you will find we are all doing the best we can in the situation we land ourselves in. A mammy who works outside the home can sometimes be out all day which pretty much makes parenthood a struggle at times. Here are some of the funnier struggles to remind us all that though we are just about getting our s*&t together that we are all completely and hopelessly in the same boat! 
  • Hair/makeup debacle- Having to look decent five days a bloody week is hard, not just because I am the epitome of the “Slummy mummy” but because it takes a good half hour when you could be doing something else; like sleeping for one! You are mastering it all to a fine art until the worst happens, your daughter found your dismal excuse for a makeup bag and test ran it on all her toys! While they all look cute you are working out if you have enough time to get to the store to replace the ruined makeup so you will not look like a zombie come tomorrow morning and scare your colleagues to death! 
  • High heels and high expectations- You are supposed to have it all, aren’t you? You are expected to be able to run in high heels and catch your runaway toddler as well as been able to keep the house clean even though you are out of the house for nearly 10 hours a day! 
  • Keeping yourself clean- As an employee there are certain rules on your appearance and one is probably that you don’t arrive in with chocolate milk all over your suit! However, anyone who spends five minutes with a youngster will know staying clean is not easy when they are around. But you have a cunning plan… You get dressed right before you leave and jump into the car, it works most of the time except when I was down the road and still had my slippers on! 
  • Caffeine addiction- Any mammy will have some sort of addiction to coffee and I for one am no different. Of course, you try to give up (it costs a fortune for one!) and tell yourself you do not need it but soon you morph from a pleasant and calm person to Godzilla after a few minutes in work! Sure, everyone has their thing and let coffee be yours! 
  • Always rushing yet never getting anywhere- You are the person who on their lunch break is checking in with the kids, reminding your partner of the soccer match and jotting down in your diary the endless number of tasks you must do by Friday. Once work is over you rush to get the kids, rush home, rush dinner and rush them to bed never really getting a second to fully appreciate your kids annoying habits and the fact that one of them smells kind of funky! 
The struggle is real but at least they are funny at times! 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ