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Sterling Advice from This Irish Mum: You're Kids "Have"

Sterling Advice from This Irish Mum: You're Kids "Have"

Emma Lou Harris
This sterling advice is brought to you by Emma Lou Harris.
​Emma's facebook page Emma Lou Harris Blog is full of her other funny and honest musings, so go check her out! 
Hi Moms,
If your kids are asleep tonight, fed, warm, unharmed, safe, secure, and loved then pat yourself on the back and forget about the rest.
Forget about the guilt. Forget about the freak outs. Forget out the losing your shit and the shouting and the threatening. Forget about the cereal for lunch. Forget about the lack of vegetables or the lack of fresh air. Forget about the lack of fun or the too much telly. Forget about the not enough attention or the not enough play. Forget about the "could have cuddled more" or the " could have been less cross".
Forget about it.
Your kids "have".
Remember, You're 'mom' second. Human first.
Tomorrow is another day.
If you tick all the other boxes, you're doing just fine momma.