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Money-Saving Tips For Your Visit To Your Christmas Experience

Money-Saving Tips For Your Visit To Your Christmas Experience

father and daughter at christmas
If you have children then chances are that you have or will soon book some kind of Christmas experience this year. Perhaps you are visiting Santa in a different county, heading to a panto or going ice-skating. These experiences can be expensive in terms of ticket price but that is not where the expense ends. Many parents spend more money at the actual experience than on the tickets themselves.
Here are our money-saving tips for your Christmas Experience this year.
  • If attending a show like Disney On Ice pick up some novelty memorabilia BEFORE you go. Have them to hand in a bag that the kids can't see and save yourself a fortune. You could pick up three cuddley toys or figurines for the price of one at the actual show. The kids will be delighted with the surprise and will have no idea that it was purchased days before.
  • Make a “one treat” rule. A huge part of the excitement regarding these experiences is the promise of a treat. Hot chocolate, popcorn, slushies and doughnuts to name but a few. Make an agreement that every person gets one treat that day. It's going to be one or the other. Have a little bag of goodies with you to disperse throughout the day too. €10 from the local pound shop will get you enough popcorn, chocolate and sweets for the whole family.
  • Pick up novelty Christmas clothing and accessories when you see them on special offer. It's November but you'll thank yourself for the jumpers and hair clips that will cost you an arm and a leg in the throws of the Christmas rush.
  • Bring your own sweets. We know there's a sign that says that only food purchased on the premises can be consumed - but sure look, you didn't have your glasses on that day so you couldn't read the sign. Be grand.
  • Have a novelty toy ready for AFTER the show or experience. In my experience there will be a member of staff selling overpriced balloons as you leave the establishment. They'll catch you at every exit so unless you want to drop €30 on balloons that won't fit in to the car, have a plan B.
Hope these tips help make your experience one to remember!