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Marks and Spencer Launch Range of Clothing For Children With Disabilities

Marks and Spencer Launch Range of Clothing For Children With Disabilities

Marks and Spencer Launch Range of Clothing For Children With Disabilities
Marks and Spencer have launched and a range of 'easy dressing' clothes for young children with disabilities.

Designed with special needs in mind the new clothing line includes dresses and tees with hidden pockets for feeding tubes, all-in-ones that allow for a cast for hip dysplasia, detachable jackets and trousers with space for nappies with leg openings to allow for easy nappy change access. 

With an aim to making dressing easier, the new comfortable, practical and affordable range means children up to the age of seven can wear the same stylish clothes as their friends regardless of their disability. 

Marks and Spencer used children off all different disabilities including hip dysplasia, down syndrome and cerebral palsy to show off the new range.

As part of the easy dressing range, dresses have been made extra soft with hidden care labels, velcro fastenings at the back and come with a discreet opening for a feeding tube.

M&S Online said: "There are around 1.5 million children in the UK who have a sensory or physical disability."

"So, after talking to parents and experts, we've developed an easy-dressing range for kids that's fun to wear, plus the designs are the same as our standard range, so kids have the choice to wear the same cool clothes as their friends or siblings."

"From all-in-ones that allow for a cast (for hip dysplasia) to tees and dresses with discreet pockets for feeding tubes, the range uses the softest materials, the fewest seams possible and hidden care labels that won't irritate sensitive skin."

One mum received a sneak preview of the clothing range to show how it would help her with her twins, Celia and Edward.

She said: "Edward has hemiplegia, which is cerebral palsy that affects his right side. He has limited control and movement in his arm and leg and epilepsy. We use a wheelchair a lot of the time, particularly when Edward's tired."

"That's why this range is great. The Velcro fastening down the back of the sweater and bodywarmer means I can easily get Edward ready to go out when he's in his wheelchair."

"I haven't seen anything else like this before - Edward loved how cool they looked. The dress Celia wore is in the standard and adapted range too, meaning it can also be removed easily with the Velcro strip. I'm sure loads of girls out there will love to wear it - Celia did!"

Prices range from €4 - €27 for the new easy dressing range and it is available from their online store now.
Featured Image Credit: Marks & Spencer Online
Written by Kellie Kearney staff writer at FFHQ who also blogs at