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How to Make Life Easy With Kids: Award Winning Parenting Blogger Reveals ALL

How to Make Life Easy With Kids: Award Winning Parenting Blogger Reveals ALL

kids fancy dress

Raising kids can be very challenging. It’s pretty chaotic here at times from teething to tantrums and wrongly cut sandwiches. I’ve pretty much exhausted most bribes to make daily life run smoothly here. Here is a list of how I make life easy with kids. They work most days too…
  • Bribe child with pancakes. Always. Bonus points for pre-packaged ones laced with sugar.
  • Always let the child press the elevator button. Don’t be that parent. It’s just not worth it. It’s been three years and two months and I can still hear the screams.
  • Allow them to sit in the awkward small part of the trolley that we put our wine fruits and vegetables in. What is there infatuation with it? I once say one mother look down in embarrassment as I strolled through Aldi childless. I gave her a wink and a nudge to let her know I’d got her back. Been there. Done that. There’s holes in the t-shirt.
  • Put gravy on everything. Or go overboard on the ketchup. The kids will think it’s Christmas.
  • No matter how ridiculous child looks, let them wear what they want. Blue wellies, Batman mask, tutu and Fireman Sam jacket. Be grand.
  • How you cut their sandwich is way more important than what’s actually in it. Always treble check!
  • Give them your phone on early mornings so they can watch those stupid kinder surprise openings or Peppa or anything really as you’ll be snoozing and won’t really give a crap what they’ll be watching.
  • Always allow your rascals to win the ‘race’ up the stairs and if for some reason they don’t, it’s the last person up the stairs who wins. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Allow as many toys as they can possibly fit in the bath. Even if it means there is no room for them to sit.
  • Allow them to believe they are the boss at all times.
And there you have it an easily life… with my kids anyways! 
Written by Kellie Kearney, guest writer with Family Friendly HQ