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Dad Dates And Why You Need To Arrange One For Your Other Half

Dad Dates And Why You Need To Arrange One For Your Other Half

Dad Dates And Why You Need To Arrange One For Your Other Half
As a society, we all know that mums are overwhelmed with juggling home life, parenting and a career.
But it’s not just us mothers who are feeling the stress, dads also feel the pressure of trying to be a so-called perfect parent.
In fact, over half of dads feel overwhelmed in the first year of parenthood, and it’s important we, as a society, recognise this.

With Father’s Day on the horizon, Irish brand WaterWipes – the world’s purest baby wipes – wants to champion all the great dads of our nation for the brilliant job that they are doing, despite how they might feel.
‘This is Parenthood’, a global research project carried out by WaterWipes, has revealed that the ‘picture perfect’ portrayal of parenting in culture is disempowering parents in Ireland and across the world.

Dads can often feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic way ‘perfect parenthood’ is depicted in culture. Ultimately, it becomes something parents expect of themselves and the research has revealed that the dads of Ireland find themselves as the main source of pressure to be a perfect parent.
The study also found that 40 percent of Irish dads would refrain from opening up about their parenthood struggles due to a fear of being judged.

Furthermore, the research revealed that less than half of Irish dads turn to friends or family to talk about the challenges of parenthood.
WaterWipes, through the ‘This is Parenthood’ campaign, wants to encourage more of these conversations and are aware that with the hectic lifestyle of fatherhood comes a loss of hang time with friends and family.
“It’s commonly known that Irish dads are not great at opening up about most things, but it is so important to talk about all the ups and downs in life and in particular being a parent," TV personality and dad, Baz Ashmawy said.
"I’m delighted to see that WaterWipes are encouraging parents to be more open and honest through the #ThisIsParenthood project.
"From personal experience, I know how the struggles of being a parent can weigh down on you but you must remember that you’re not in it alone and it’s good to talk to friends and family about the pressures you’re feeling.
"Jump in the car, grab your bike, go for a stroll or simply pick up the phone and give a pal a shout!”
This Father’s Day why not give dads across the country the gift of a #DadDate with a friend or family member where they can discuss their fatherhood struggles openly. This could be a morning cycle, meeting up to go for a run or swim, or even a simply going to a coffee shop for a good catch-up.