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Are you getting bored of doing the same meals for the family week in - week out?

Are you getting bored of doing the same meals for the family week in - week out?

Are you getting bored of doing the same meals for the family week in - week out?
When it comes to the food that we serve to our families it is usually a case of finding recipes and meal ideas that makes life easier for everyone. For some families it will require serving up familiar food that they know will be eaten. For others it will largely focus on time constraints. A lot of families involve two working parents and there is a very limited amount of time available to serve up a meal. 
There are so many different factors to consider for each individual family but it is very easy to fall in to the habit of serving up the same food each week.
Let's be honest, it is one less thing to think about. Getting to the supermarket is a big enough task without throwing elaborate recipes in to the mix. Sticking to something we know and trust is a lot easier. 
Every couple of weeks I like to shake things up a little bit in the kitchen. Here are some of the things that helps me do that in the midst of work and busy family life.
  • Choose just one new recipe. This is my top tip. Rather than making unrealistic plans I just search the internet or cookbooks for one new idea. I try to pick something that includes some ingredients we might already have. Once I cook it once it becomes a very normal part of our weekly menu and I love adding a dish to my repertoire.
  • It doesn't have to be a whole new recipe. You could change the food that you serve it with. For example instead of serving your chilli with rice you could serve it with a baked potato and cheese. It is a subtle way of slowly introducing some changes that shouldn't scare the family too much.
  • Do your food shopping online when the kids have gone to bed. I don't know why but I find myself feeling a lot more relaxed and mindful when I do the shopping online. I have the peace and quiet to really think about the week's menu and I am less likely to get distracted by colourful displays and bargains. It also helps me to watch what we are spending.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. Rather than a mammoth task why not focus on one particular meal or food department. It might even be snacks. Choosing or preparing one new snack this week could make all the difference. Home-made hummus and carrot sticks for example. It is easily prepared and the whole family will enjoy it.
  • Choosing foods that the kids will be excited about is half the battle. In my experience anything miniature or “mini” is a winner. Mini home-made burgers or mini pies for example. Kids also love anything they can assemble themselves so tacos, faghitas or anything that involves dipping is usually a good idea. 
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