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Aoibhin Garrihy Admits She Only Shows the Nice Side of Motherhood

Aoibhin Garrihy Admits She Only Shows the Nice Side of Motherhood

Aoibhin Garrihy Admits She Only Shows the Nice Side of Motherhood
When it comes to social media, it can be hard to not get sucked in by all the lovely, happy-go-lucky photos that are constantly filling our feed.
Images of perfect mums, with their warm coffee and their happy, well-rested faces, can be quite distressing to parents, especially to new mums who may be struggling. 
And as a new mum and celebrity, Aoibhin Garrihy, who welcomed baby Hanorah back in June of last year, understands how social media can make us feel.

However, speaking to FamilyFriendlyHQ, the mum-of-one explained that it is important we understand this is just curated content.

“We’re bombarded with all this curated content online and you have to remind yourself on a regular basis that it is curated, and that you’re seeing people’s best selves, and they’re not going to put up the bad days," she told us. 
"I didn’t put up the bad days of when I was really struggling with new motherhood. By nature we don’t do that – it’s more fun to watch people’s happy-go-lucky lives.”
When it comes to motherhood, Aoibhin also understands the importance of self-care, something we, as mums, know that we're not prioritising enough. 
And while she does practise it, Aoibhin admits that she couldn't do without the support around her.
"There’s a quote I love 'self-care is never selfish… you can’t serve from an empty vessel' and it’s so true," she told us. 
"We as women tend to put ourselves way down our priority list and I’m no good to Hanorah my daughter or my husband or to my family if I’m not the whole of my health."

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