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5 Podcasts That Every Parent Will Want To Listen To

5 Podcasts That Every Parent Will Want To Listen To

5 Podcasts That Every Parent Will Want To Listen To
Podcasts seem to be all the rage lately. Everyone and their mother are creating, listening and talking about podcasts. 
You can find a podcast on literally any topic you want! I find them so relaxing to listen to when I’m drifting off to sleep. I also love listening when I am cooking or cleaning the house to make it less mundane.
Here are some of my favourites: 
The Blindboy Podcast: This podcast is a weekly podcast, every Wednesday by one of the members of The Rubberbandits, Blindboy Boatclub. He discusses many different topics, ranging from Irish news to mental health, to history, to theories, or “hot takes”, as Blindboy refers to them as. It is both entertaining and extremely informative. You always learn something new after listening to one of his podcasts.
Under the Skin: This podcast is another weekly podcast by Russel Brand. The topic he discusses each week are very similar to Blindboy, however, he has a different guest each week so you get opinions from both Russel Brand and his guest. He also did a podcast with Blindboy recently which was brilliant! If you like thought-provoking and interesting conversations, you will love this.
Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast: This podcast is by Caroline Foran and is based on her bestselling book, Owning It. This podcast is only a couple of weeks old but already has 3 amazing episodes, one of which features a guest speaker. It really delves into what anxiety is, how to deal with and how to overcome it. It is truthful and raw as Caroline has suffered from anxiety in the past and knows exactly what she is talking about. If you enjoyed her books or if you suffer from anxiety you will get something out of this podcast.
How I Built This: This podcast is by Guy Raz. In each episode, he talks to entrepreneurs to see how exactly they built their business or brand. This will be especially interesting to budding entrepreneurs and business owners to get insight and inspiration. But even if you are not interested in building a business, it is still fascinating to listen to each person’s story.
That’s Ancient History: This is a podcast by a popular YouTuber Jean Mendez. She has studied ancient history in university, thus created this podcast to fuel her passion for history even more. She has a guest in every episode and they have a conversation on all thing’s history, from ancient Greece to classical literature and more. They also recommend a book at the end of each episode. If you are at all interested in history, this is for you!
Written by Lauren Kennedy, staff writer at FFHQ.