8 Titles To Watch With Star On Disney+ Once The Kids Are Gone To Bed

For those with a Disney+ subscription, your catalogue has just got a whole lot more exciting.

Disney+ has launched their new brand Star this week, meaning a shedload of new and classic TV shows and movies have been added to the streaming service. With Star on Disney+, more adult-orientated content is available to watch. So, once the kids are safely tucked up in bed, it's time for the parents to take over the television.

As well as the ones below, there's also every season of Desperate Housewives, LOST, The X Files, and Scrubs, as well as movies like Moulin Rouge!, Borat, Office Space, and The Favourite.

Here are eight titles that we've already been watching this week:

Grey's Anatomy

Remember when RTÉ Two used to have Grey's Anatomy on every Monday night? Well, if you missed an episode (or just want to restart the series from the very beginning), the first 15 seasons are there for your viewing right now. And by the time you get through all of that, season 16 and 17 will probably be available too.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

From one of our favourite directors ever, Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel is still as charming and unique as you remember. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Willem Defoe, Saoirse Ronan and many more, it makes for the perfect movie to snuggle down on the sofa with.

Big Sky

A brand new TV show which has us enthralled is the Star Original series, Big Sky. A fast-paced thriller, it involves two private detectives and an ex-cop searching for clues before any more women disappear under mysterious circumstances. The first two episodes are available to watch right now, with a new episode arriving each week.


After all of that intense drama, you're going to want to wind down with an '80s classic starring Bette Midler. Beaches is the ultimate romantic comedy/tearjerker, which follows the ups and downs of two best friends who navigate their hectic lives from young girls all the way up through their adulthood.

The Killing

Another thriller that landed on Star on Disney+ this week is The Killing. Based on the hugely successful Danish TV series, this is its American counterpart. Set in Seattle, the gripping series involves police investigations in brutal murders, potential suspects, and the political forces which attempt to cover up goings-on within the city.

The Devil Wears Prada

We'd be lying if we said this wasn't the first movie that we watched on Star on Disney+ this week. It's got it all really - drama, comedy, romance, a "dream job", a trip to Paris... And that's even before we talk about the legend that is Meryl Streep. No matter how many times we see it, The Devil Wears Prada will never get old.


If you're looking for a new comedy series to fly through, then we can't recommend Black-ish enough. Starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson, and Laurence Fishburne, the hilarious sitcom follows a dysfunctional Johnson family, who are just trying to live their normal, everyday lives (which never happens!). The first five seasons are available right now.

Deadpool 2

Finally, let's go full-on off-the-wall crazy with our last choice. Deadpool 2 will have you laughing, screaming, and maybe even crying - it's the type of movie where anything can happen, making it a necessary watch if you're looking for something unpredictable yet strangely wholesome.

All of these, plus many more, have been added to Disney+ this week.

The streaming service has also added easy-to-use parental controls. This will ensure that the service remains suitable for your kids while they browse, and involves setting up a pin for access to Star on Disney+ and its catalogue.

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