A Cute New Collection Of Pixar Movies Have Launched On Disney+

A collection of 10 new mini short stories from the likes of Toy Story and Finding Nemo are being added to the Disney+ arsenal. And we can't wait to watch them all!

Pixar Popcorn has launched on Disney+, and we are so excited to see what our favourite animated characters have been up to since we last caught up with them on screen.

Featuring Pixar staples such as the crew from Toy Story in their short "To Fitness and Beyond"; and The Incredibles family in "Chore Day The Incredible Way"; as well as the inclusion of new titles like the cast of Soul in "Soul in the City", your weekend is going to be Pixar-rific.

There will be 10 brand new bite-sized Pixar specials in total. This will make for the perfect movie marathon this weekend. So, grab your popcorn and be sure to snuggle down with the whole family as you breeze through this cute and hilarious short movies.

Here's the fantastic trailer to get you in the Pixar Popcorn mood.

The most recent Pixar addition to their animated library was the wonderful Soul, which launched on Disney+ on Christmas Day. Featuring the voices of Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey and Graham Norton, the story follows one man's afterlife adventure. Encountering a new friend, the pair attempt to find their true passions in life.

Pixar Popcorn launches on Disney+ today, Friday, January 22. You can get a subscription to the on demand service from €6.99 a month.

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