The Newest Kids And Family TV Shows Arriving On Netflix This January

Now that the Christmas tree has finally been thrown out, and somehow we're already half-way through January, it's time to check out some new offerings on Netflix to enjoy with the family.

Netflix has been a firm staple for when you don't know what to do next with your little monsters. Especially now that they're in the house more than we expected them to be, you're going to need some entertaining kids and family TV picks to captivate them.

So, if the little ones are driving you a little bit bonkers this January, and they're in need of a study break, then take some time to chill out and watch one of these new TV series on Netflix with them.

Hilda Season 2 (available now)

All about making new friends and bringing them discovering new places, Hilda is a free-spirited young girl who leaves home in search of her next big adventure. This time around, Hilda manages to encounter all sorts of creatures - and this time her mum tags along for some fun too.

Mighty Little Bheem: Kite Festival (available now)

One for the younger kids in the family, Mighty Little Bheem is an animated preschool series. The newest entry sees Bheem celebrate the International Kite Festival, which happens in India every year, and the cute little one is helping prep for the festivities.

Gabby's Dollhouse (available now)

Mixing live-action with animation, Gabby's Dollhouse follows the self-confessed cat enthusiast Gabby and her sidekick Pandy Paws of course. The first series of 10 episodes is up on Netflix right now.

Carmen Sandiego: Season 4 (available now)

If you're looking for an influential hero for your kids to cheer on, then it's time you indulged them in this kick-ass professional thief. A modern-day Robin Hood if you will, Carmen travels around the world attempting to give back to those in need. The series is full of action, and it's fun to keep track of how many nicknames the title character is given.

Babyshark's Space Adventure (available now)

We're sure you are very well aware of Baby Shark by now - doo doo doo doo doo doo - and this time around Pinkfong and Baby Shark will explore the depths of outer space. It'll make for the perfect feelgood adventure.

Hello Ninja: Season 4 (available January 19)

Our ninja friends Wesley and Georgie are back for the fourth season of adventure, alongside their hilarious cat Pretzel. All about believing in yourself and your own abilities, it's the kind of inspirational kids and family TV series everyone can enjoy.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 2 (available January 22)

One for the slightly older kids in the family is the return of the thrilling Jurassic World series on Netflix. Season two will see the teen campers attempt to get rescued while on the run from those terrifying dinosaurs.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series: Parts 1-2 (arriving in January)

Everyone loves their fair share of the series, and Netflix will be adding yet another Pokémon title to the streaming service this Janaury. Pokémon Journeys sees Ash and Pikachu embark on brand new adventures as they discover new Pokémon and try to stop the dastardly Team Rocket.

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