Why Your Whole Family Can Meditate Together With Headspace On Netflix

Are you needing some zen in your life right now? Surprisingly, Netflix has just the remedy for you.

And what a wonderful surprise it is. Headspace comes from creator Andy Puddicombe, who aims to make meditation simple for everyone. He first created The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation as an audiobook in 2012, and now he has launched his own Netflix series.

After studying meditation in the Himalayas in his mid-twenties, Andy has made it his goal for everyone to take 10 minutes out of their day for themselves, and meditate.

Throughout each lesson, Andy takes us through a different topic such as stress, pain, anger, love, or just being able to let go. He narrates each episode, with cute computer graphics popping up along the way to tell his story.

The first 10 or so minutes of each Headspace episode sees Andy explain the reason why each meditation is so important for us. And then, before you know if, you're closing your eyes and following his guidance as you meditate for the remainder of the episode.

Andy recommends doing Headspace either on your own or in a group - so maybe your other half might be interested in taking part, or even your little ones. But hey, if no-one is feeling the few minutes for themselves, then be sure to come back to it on your own later in the day.

We've found that here at Family Friendly HQ we've all started 2021 by adding this 20 minutes activity into our days. And because of it, we're feeling that bit more zen.

It doesn't matter when you watch the episode, just as long as its a time that suits you. Either first thing in the morning before your cup of coffee; after shutting down your computer after working from home; or last thing at night before reading your book. It'll do wonders for you.

All eight episodes of Headspace are available to watch on Netflix right now. We recommend watching one a day for the first eight days. You'll quickly realise if it's something you'd like to continue doing as you head further into 2021.

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