Magical Overload On The Way As 'Onward' Arrives On Disney+ This October

Disney+ subscribers will have another incredible movie to watch with the whole family this autumn.

Get ready to explore the magical realm of New Mushroomton later this year, when 'Onward' will be released on demand on Disney+.

In case you missed it in cinemas earlier this year (which was about the time that everything began to turn upside-down), the magically heartwarming Disney and Pixar adventure 'Onward' will be arriving on Disney+ very soon.

Featuring the fantastic voices of Tom Holland (who you and the small ones will know as Marvel's new iteration of Spider-Man) and Chris Pratt (who you'll also know as the wisecracking Star-Lord in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movies), 'Onward' tells the incredibly touching yet light-hearted tale of two teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot as they embark on a perilous and unexpected journey - all while aboard Barley’s epic van Guinevere.

Like any good quest (and every single Pixar movie), expect plenty of laughs and unimaginable discoveries to happen for viewers along the way. The movie will make for perfect viewing as we begin to head into Halloween season very soon.

Following the streamer's launch in March of this year, Disney+ has kept us entertained with plenty of throwback content that we could introduce our little ones to for the very first time, as well as contemporary and new entries which have quickly become firm favourites in households across the country.

Be sure to set your reminders for the release of Disney and Pixar’s magical story 'Onward', will be available from Friday, October 2 to all subscribers of Disney+ in Ireland.

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