WATCH: Disney Release Trailer For Into The Unknown: The Making Of Frozen 2

This looks amazing. If you have any budding artists at home or you're a Disney fan yourself, this six-part documentary series is a must-watch.

Ever wondered how the creative minds at Disney made the smash hit Frozen 2? Well, today Disney has released the trailer for their brand new six-part documentary series, Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2.

The documentary takes place with less than a year until the world premiere of Disney's Frozen 2. The creative team opens its doors to reveal what it takes to create the #1 animated film of all time.

Watch the trailer below:

The documentary shows it all - from what went incredibly wrong to what went completely right and everything in between.

If you have any budding artists or creatives at home, (or if you're a Disney fan yourself!) this documentary series is a must-watch and shows just how much the Disney team care about the fans as well as the characters they create.

It is fantastic to see the people behind the familiar characters whose songs and phrases have played a huge role in our lives since Frozen's initial release back in 2013.

The six-part documentary series premieres on Friday, June 26 on Disney Plus.


Sophie Gavin

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