Parents Think This Disney Princess Is The Best Role Model According To Survey

A survey conducted by has revealed that parents think this Disney princess is the best role model for children.

It's safe to say that for many parents around the world, Disney+ has been a complete blessing while staying at home. With the sheer amount of movies, series and documentaries on the streaming platform, there are now endless opportunities for family movie nights, lazy afternoons filled with cuddles and if we're being honest, sometimes a few minutes of peace and quiet.

One of the most popular categories on Disney+ among children and adults alike is Disney Princesses. That's why decided to conduct a survey to find out which Disney Princess is the best role model for children according to parents. They asked 2,402 parents to determine how ‘good’ of a role model they think each Disney princess is for their children.

Unsurprisingly for many perhaps, Belle from Beauty and the Beast came out on top at 85%. Many parents claimed that she could be slightly too outspoken and attention-seeking, but that she is also intelligent, environmentally conscious, curious, determined, a problem-solver and charismatic - traits that make her the best role model.

Coming in at a close second was Aladdin's Jasmine at 81% and third place went to Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, who scored well with 77%. According to the survey, parents rated these particular princesses because of their intelligence and hard-working attitude.

Parents Think This Disney Princess Is The Best Role Model According To Survey

Surprising to some, Frozen's Elsa scored just 68%, as some parents claimed that she was emotionally unstable and confused.

Coming in at last place is Rapunzel, from Disney's hugely popular film Tangled. While some parents felt that she was optimistic, energetic, caring, passionate, adventurous and enthusiastic, many claimed that she is also too dramatic, vain and carefree to be considered a good role model.

Which Disney Princess do you think is a good role model for your children?

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