The Viral Patience Challenge That Has Taken Over The Internet

The patience challenge is adorable, hilarious and fascinating at the same time.

They say patience is a virtue and who knows whether that's true or not. What we do know, however, is that patience is something we are all struggling with at the moment. We are impatient. We miss our friends and families, our nights out and trips to the playground. Many of us are experiencing the biggest patience test of our life. As it happens, so are thousands of children around the world.

The "patience challenge" has gone completely viral and we can totally see why. Our social media feeds are full of adorable videos of toddlers and young children trying to resist temptation while they do not know they are being filmed.

How To Do The Challenge

The idea behind the challenge is really simple. You offer your child a treat, pop it down in front of them but tell them they can't touch it until you come back in one minute. This is where the entertainment begins. With your camera phone secretly recording them you'll get a rare glimpse in to the mind of a child.

It has been hilarious to see how differently each child responds. Some nod and agree before completely devouring the treat the minute their parent leaves the space. Others stare at it noticeably struggling with the moral dilemma and the agreement they have just made. The "will they? won't they?" element makes it so entertaining to watch because children are so unpredictable. In some cases one sibling wants to give in while the other encourages them to hang in there for another few seconds. It's just gold!

The challenge has gone globally viral and has even caught the attention of celebrities. Kylie Jenner gave the challenge a go with her adorable daughter Stormi.

Here are some of our favourites from Instagram this week. Will you try the challenge with your kids? Anything for a bit of fun in these uncertain times, right?

Three Year Old Daisy (That Laugh Though)

Sibling Duo Ever-Leigh And Ollie

Shaun Og Made His Own Rules

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