Tracey Quinn

Tracey always dreamt about being a mother and aspired to be like her own mother as childhood memories were just so positive. Having completed a BA in English and an MA in Performance Studies she was exceptionally broody and thankfully boyfriend Peter didn't take a huge amount of persuading. In 2014 her son Billy came along and lit up their worlds. Tracey had been overweight for her entire life and it was a major obstacle in terms of her confidence and happiness.

When Billy was a year old she decided to join Slimming World and managed to shed five stone. It was slow and steady with loads of weight-gains and holidays enjoyed but she stuck with it. Her confidence soared and opportunities came knocking. A myriad of weird and wonderful job opportunities came her way through blogging and writing. The blog was initially a little space to share her pregnancy updates but soon became her passion. It was a hybrid of all of the passions she had ; writing, photography, performance and helping others. She started writing for Family Friendly HQ around this time and loved being part of such a positive and uplifting space on the internet.

In 2016 herself and Peter said "I Do" on a football pitch (as you do). They had applied for Don't Tell The Bride but never expected it to actually happen but they wouldn't change a thing. The following years were spent writing, helping other people lose weight through her Slimming World classes and saving in the hopes of one day buying a house. After seven house-moves and a two year stint living with a family member they finally got the keys to their very own house in 2019.

Everyone said "new house new baby" but the baby was already on it's way. As it turned out little Willow would enter the world in that very home with the help of Dublin Fire Brigade, her husband and mother. Little Billy would be playing in the garden completely oblivious to what was going on. These days life is about finding a new groove as a family with a five year old and a small baby. A new chapter of breastfeeding a new baby and preparing their little man for big school in September. There have been bumps along the way but Tracey is passionate about looking for the positives and being proactive. She practices gratitude daily and is really in to the Law Of Attraction.

She can usually be found gushing over something cute her child said or talking about some kind of food. She's blessed with this little life and loves to share it with others through her social media. The internet can be such a powerful and positive place if we focus on the media that helps us feel that way. For Tracey it's about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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