Mum Shares Children's "Outfit Box" Idea On TikTok

The mum of two spends 15 minutes doing this every Sunday.

We've fallen down the TikTok rabbit hole and we kind of like it. We always thought TikTok was a place for young people but it's actually an amazing place to pick up some parenting tips and ideas. This week one mum shared her "outfit box" idea and it received a lot of praise on the popular social media app.

Mama_mila_ is one of our favourite TikTok accounts to follow. She shares "home tips and tricks" and her page is full of inspiring ideas. She has shared some incredible cleaning ideas such as how to fold towels like a pro and her amazing oven cleaning hack. However, the one that caught our eye this week was the "outfit box" that she uses to dress her children for the week.


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In a TikTok post named "how I fold my kids' outfits for the week" the mum of two told her followers that this is something she does every Sunday night. The video shows her carefully folding seven complete outfits for each child. Everything down to underwear and socks is carefully folded in to a perfect bundle and layered in a basket.

"In the morning they can pick one outfit out of the box"

According to the mum this ritual saves hours of stress and toddler tantrums. For this reason she spends fifteen minutes every Sunday preparing an "outfit box" for each of her children. Not going to lie, we are tempted to give this one a go.

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