Breakdown of a Toddler Tantrum! The 8 Stages...

When a toddler tantrum strikes.... Yikes!

Stages 1 -8 
Tantrums can strike anytime and anywhere; just look at the little girl who had a meltdown in the White House whilst meeting Obama. It’s difficult to know who to feel most sorry for, the mother who must have been extremely embarrassed at the time, or the little girl; guess which photo will be shown at her 21st?
Parents look at tantrums from an entirely different point of view from their kids and if you’re anything like me, a leisurely wander around a shopping centre can escalate fast.
Stage 1 – Moaning
Parent’s point of view: It’s okay, I think I’m the only one who’s noticed that they’re giving out.
Child’s point of view: Hello! I’m not happy? What are you going to do about it?
Stage 2 – Whingeing
Parent’s point of view: Right, let’s see what I have in my bag that’ll keep them quiet; perfect- here’s a nice cracker
Child’s point of view: A cracker, are you serious? I want a treat!
Stage 3 – Raising their voice
Parent’s point of view: People are starting to look over now, just keep smiling through clenched teeth.
Child’s point of view: Unless you give me what I want the volume is only going to increase.
Stage 4 - Shouting
Parent’s point of view: I could strangle the shop owners that decide to stack sweets by the checkouts…
Child’s point of view: There’s some chocolate over there Mummy, I WANT IT!
Stage 5 – Crying
Parent’s point of view: Okay that’s it I’m going to give in, now, what’s the least sugary snack I can find.
Child’s point of view: WHAT’S THE DELAY IT’S RIGHT THERE!
Stage 6 – Waving their arms around and stamping their feet
Parent’s point of view: Urmmmm, okay here’s a little bag of dried apricots these should do the trick.
Child’s point of view: These are disgusting!
Stage 7 – Screaming
Parent’s point of view: That’s it we have to leave, the shopping can wait. Hold on, where are my car keys???
Child’s point of view: Get me out of here now!   
Stage 8 – Rage
Parent’s point of view: I’m never bringing him/her shopping with me again, ever!
Child’s point of view: WAAAAAAA!
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