New On Demand Movies To Get Comfy With This Weekend

We've made it! The last weekend of January is here and we want to celebrate it by... getting cosy on the sofa.

One of the longest, coldest months of the year is almost behind us. As January bids us farewell, there are some worthwhile on demand movies hitting our screens that will keep us occupied this weekend.

So, are you looking for some new release movies to get comfy with? Here are five picks that we're looking forward to watching.

The Dig (Netflix)

First up, it's a movie based on a true story, and starring two incredible actors. The Dig follows a wealthy widow (played by Carey Mulligan), who hires an excavator (Ralph Fiennes) to dig up burial mounds on her estate. As the work continues however, a truly life-changing treasure is uncovered.

Twist (Sky Cinema & NOW TV)

A new Sky Original movie starring Michael Caine, Rita Ora and Lena Heady is an alternative take on the Charles Dickens classic novel. Retold in various forms over the years, this Oliver Twist tale is set in modern-day London. Expect a much darker/suspenseful crime version compared to any we've seen before.

Palmer (Apple TV+)

Justin Timberlake is back in the acting seat. This new release on Apple TV+ sees the singer-turned-actor play a former high-school football star who we meet as he finishes his jail sentence. He returns home to Louisiana, moves in with his grandmother, and an inspiring and unexpected journey begins to unfold for him.

The Broken Hearts Gallery (Virgin Media On Demand)

Released back in 2020, and a nice buffer for those getting into the Valentine's mood, The Broken Hearts Gallery tells a very cute storyline. What would happen if you saved a souvenir from every relationship you've ever been in? That's exactly what a New York City art gallery assistant aims to explore, as she opens a pop-up store full of memorabilia from her past.

Penguin Bloom (Netflix)

Another of Netflix's on demand movies inspired by an inspirational true story this weekend is Penguin Bloom. Naomi Watts stars as Sam Bloom, who is left unable to walk following a near-fatal accident. She, her husband (Andrew Lincoln), and her family struggle with this new lifestyle. However, the family's new winged pet helps put their lives into perspective and it leads to a touching story unfolding for all.

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