Mothers Who Choose Sustainable Options

Sustainable mums are on the rise and making a conscious effort to show their children how we can choose sustainable options as a family. The idea is to actively be eco-conscious and mindful of our choices and how they impact our world.

Roisin Lyne from Waterford has leaned towards sustainability at home by avoiding food waste, buying only what they need as a family, and choosing second-hand where possible. These sensible and attentive choices not only make a difference to the world but also to her family.

"I always only buy what is necessary and try to avoid the overbuying that happens with deals," says Roisin. "I freeze meat immediately and defrost as needed. I bulk out dishes using the veg we all eat. I also make sure that every product is used by the best before dates. We compost and recycle. I try to buy second-hand or preloved products, if possible. This could be anything from furniture, to toys, to books. I also try to buy and support from local, Irish businesses, those who would be more sustainable than bigger international brands." 

Not only is Roisin aiming to make a difference in the world but also to teach her children that, as a society, we have options that will help us protect our planet, which is in crisis. The climate emergency has highlighted these issues to so many families who are actively pursuing sustainability in the home.

"I want to teach my children the importance of reusable products as well as how we can impact the environment," says Roisin. "As my children are young (4 and 3), I do this by using reusable water bottles and lunch boxes instead of bags, making sure they understand the difference between bins (black, compost and recycling), that they turn off the tap when brushing teeth, that they only leave their footprints in nature and not rubbish etc."

As parents, we have a duty of care to protect and nurture our children but also the world they are growing up in. Roisin hopes that as her children grow older, they too will consider and choose sustainable options. 

"I hope to instil in them that there are a variety of options for them to choose from," she says. "I hope that they will be confident and not shameful to choose preloved or second-hand products and that future generations won't be as judgemental and embrace second-hand or preloved items. We may not be 100% sustainable, but we try our best to encourage our children to make the best decisions when they are old enough to make them themselves."

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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