5 Wood Pallet Ideas For The Garden

Upcycling wood pallets became quite the trend a few years back, and it is showing no signs of dwindling. They are, after all, quite versatile and can make a great addition to your garden this summer.

Getting your hands on wood pallets is not that difficult, and you may find they won’t even cost you a cent. Check with your local builder’s providers to see if they have any lying about or log on to buy and sell websites such as DoneDeal or Adverts, and you are sure to find some ready to take away. What to do after you have a pallet or two is the question!

Well, we have five great ideas to rejuvenate a wood pallet into something creative, usable, and fun for your garden.

A Mud Kitchen

Most of us think of mud kitchens when we see a pallet lying about! They make excellent play spaces for kids with a little bit of know-how. Our own mud kitchen was assembled with two pallets and a few nails. Five years later, it’s still standing and played with vigorously.

A Garden Table

Garden furniture can be notoriously expensive, so why not make your own? A wood pallet can make a great low table by stacking two pallets together. Sand it down and leave it wooden and rustic or paint it bright colours. Throw a few pillows and blankets around it, and you have a great space. Add a few castors to the base if you wish to move it around.

A Wall Planter

A wood pallet can make a fantastic wall planter in your garden with its vertical structure and spaces for pots. Hanging it on a wall is a great space saver if the area is limited. Make it as decorative as you wish and hang bright planters along its grooves.

A Pallet Sofa

The creative genius of DIYers has made pallets not only usable but decorative as they create stunning garden sofas out of pallets. All you need are two pallets on top of each other for a low seat, three if you’d like it higher, and one more for the backrest. Again, upcycle in whatever manner you prefer to suit your garden décor and add a few cushions to make it cosy.

A Raised Garden Bed

And if this is the year to grow your own veggies, why not make a raised garden bed out of a few wood pallets. A raised bed is the best solution for growing fruit and veg, as it helps them grow better. Line your newly thrown together raised bed with landscaping fabric and sow those seeds. And if you have a few pallets left over, they make a great compost bin!

Geraldine Walsh

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