5 Of The Best Irish DIYers To Follow On Instagram

I love DIY. There’s something so utterly satisfying in pulling down a cabinet you’ve always hated, or painting over floor tiles that have made you want to puke since the day you signed your mortgage papers.

We moved into our country bungalow, which was a little worse for wear, seven years ago. It took me a while (and a pandemic) to get stuck into the necessary DIY what with babies and all, but I have found my groove with total bathroom makeovers, kitchen upheavals, and a wonderfully dark colour scheme – there are many, many black walls and doors in our house!

I get excited and eager to punch through walls and if my drill gets an outing then I am a happy Do It Yourself-er! But I don’t know everything. Oh no, I have made mistakes with my ambitious efforts.

To learn about all things flathead and Philips (they’re screwdrivers FYI), I have turned to these wonderful Irish DIYers on Instagram.

I’m talking about the small accounts here. The accounts that don’t fill up your time with #AD. These accounts give you tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration. They slog, they sweat, they may even bleed, but they put their all into projects. I have been hooked on their accounts as they feed the DIYer in me. And all of them are women!

Sarah @sand.and.deliver

Sarah uses her account to share her DIY, upcycling and thrifting as she reimagines her home. I am in awe of her creativity and genius methods to personalise her home.

Gillian @handpaintedbygillian

Gillian is a queen of DIY and runs her own bespoke kitchen cabinet painting service. Having recently painted my own kitchen, I learnt a lot from her but most certainly could never recreate the stunning finish she brings to her work.

Suzanne @this.that.and.diy

If there is anything you were wondering about DIY, Suzanne has likely answered the question. She works to a budget (my kind of gal) and is not afraid to take risks when it comes to DIY. She has created some incredible projects and gives the best tips and tricks.

Lisa @seoigehome

The warmth in Lisa’s home is amplified when you know she created every inch of it. And when I say created I mean she painted the walls, put up the shelves (made the shelves), delicately painted an envious chalkboard, and festooned the corners with her personal crafty touches.

A special mention to Carlow Paint Hub @carlowpainthub and the expert ladies behind the brand, Kate and Diane. They are full of incredible advice and tips when it comes to painting any part of your home, inside or out. From metal to ceramic, to plastic, and glass, they know it all and are partly to blame for the intensive DIY jobs I give myself!

If these Irish DIYers on Instagram teach you anything, let it be this - don’t be afraid to paint, to build, to upcycle, to design, and to think outside the box.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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