How To Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen For 2020

They say your kitchen is the heart of your home.

You may have a kitchen that is a good few years old and lacks some character after being used for so long.

Of course, changing a kitchen is a big job and an expensive one at that, so we have put together some tips on how to breathe life into your kitchen for 2020 without the big-budget you may think you need. 

  1. Paint and colours.

    If you have old kitchen cupboards and cabinets that are worn looking, you may be able to simply paint them to bring them back to life. There are loads of colours you could go for but before you start, look at the whole kitchen and create your concept with the help of a pad and pen.

    You will need to paint the kitchen walls, clean/paint the doors and skirting boards too so consider this before you jump onto the cupboards and ensure the colours will suit when it all comes together. 

  2. Countertops and lighting.

    Some counter tops are expensive but not all and you can definitely get some well-priced so take time to shop around. A new counter can quickly transform your kitchen space and with added paint work it can be a simple but effective way of updating your kitchen.

    While looking at counter tops, consider the lighting and how you could alter it to make the area more inviting. Under-the-cupboard lights can brighten up the kitchen counters too and if you have tiles in the kitchen surrounding your oven and hob, you may be able to paint them too. Whatever “big light” you have currently in the kitchen, take it out and invest in a new piece to match in with your new creation.  How To Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen For 2020

  3. Open the space.

    Look at the kitchen space and take the doors off some of the kitchen cupboards, leaving plates and other kitchen items in the cupboards so people can see them.

    This works well if you have nice plates and kitchen accessories. As well as that, open-plan and open shelving is very on trend right now too. Get rid of clutter or items you don’t need in the kitchen to make it minimalist - this tidies the whole area up nicely.

    Add more shelves to your kitchen to pop cooking books on or other things you use ‘now and again’ in the kitchen to lift the counter space. 

  4. Update the things you can.

    It may not suit everyone but if you can, update the handles of your drawers and cupboards. Change the sink accessories and the taps too. If you are changing colours in the kitchen, you may need to invest in a new kettle, toaster and bread bin too. If you have an island in your kitchen with stools, be creative and either paint them or add new cushions or throws on the back of them.

    You can also instantly update your kitchen by changing the blinds or curtains or you could even simply change your usual position of appliances for the countertops if possible. A new chopping board is a nice addition to a kitchen as well as a good set of knives or you can even change your bins if they are in view of visitors.  Small things can and do make a difference.

What are your go-to ways to update your kitchen?

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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