Stylish Things You Need To Do In Your Dining Room

A dining room is one of the busiest places in a home. It's where all the family come together regularly to eat meals and catch up with one another.

Depending on your dining room space, you may be able to have plenty to work with or a little less. However, honestly, there are loads of stylish options no matter how big or small your dining room is. 

Here are some tips and things to do in your dining room to keep it current and stylish!

Look at the area

 Like above, it depends on the size of your dining room and whether it shares its space with the kitchen or has its own room away from the busy kitchen. If your dining room is a part of your kitchen area, you may look at ways to separate the areas or at least, make them completely different so they offer different experiences.

For larger and private areas, measure up the area and see what you can do with it. You can create your own dining room concept easily no matter what size the room is. For the kitchen space dining room, consider using other wallpaper and different lights to make it look different. For a separate dining room, this won’t be an issue so consider the design and what it is you want to achieve. 

Think about your family life

When getting the right idea for your dining room, you will need to consider your family life and how you will use the space itself. For younger kids, it may not be feasible to invest in a glass dining table that will end up smeared and possibly, cracked. 

Look at the life you lead and make considerations for it. Comfy dining room furniture is key for families and materials that can be wiped down and not easily broken. Investing in items is great, but not if they will get wrecked - so be realistic about what you do and your family life. 

Blue kitchen table.
For the kitchen space dining room, consider using other wallpaper and different lights to make it look different.


Look, we have all been there - we have fallen in love with a certain table and chairs before realising (too late) that it is never going to work in your dining area. Tables often look so much smaller in large stores with ample space, but pop them into your dining room and it may prove an issue. 

If you are looking at shelves or cupboards, again, consider the space of the room and ensure everything somehow matches too, to get the right concept from the beginning. 

Function and use

Everyone leads different lives and if you eat at the dining table everyday or only now and again, this will have an impact on your dining room design. Invest in durable table mats and coasters to protect expensive furniture and if you have kiddies, perhaps it would be best to use a tablecloth over the table. 

Maybe ban the children from colouring or painting on the good table and chairs and instead let them have free reign in the kitchen, or get them their own little table and chairs for arts and crafts. 

Check out lighting

Lights make all the difference in a room and for a dining room it is nice to have a statement piece of lighting over the table and chairs. It magnifies the area and makes it unique to that space (it works well if you are sharing space with the kitchen). 

Lighting gives a beautiful finish to a room and if your table and chairs are metal framed, perhaps invest in metallic lighting solutions (metallics are popular right now). For natural dining sets, there are plenty of other natural lighting options. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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