Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is mum to two daughters who are at the 'interesting' ages of 17 and 11. Emma is a huge animal lover and therefore, you'll find her Insta Stories are full of daily fun with her many pets. You may see less of her extremely camera-shy husband of many years, but we are told he does exist! In fact, Emma and her husband are childhood sweethearts and have been together for over 20 years after meeting in 1st year. Emma has been a Family Friendly HQ writer for the last four years and she is also a successful Freelance Writer. If that isn't enough to keep anyone busy, Emma finds the time to run a PR company, Hear Me Roar Media and is the Head of PR and New Media for Property District - a sister company to Hear Me Roar Media. Overall, Emma has had over 1,000 articles published online and in print and she ghost writes for businesses regularly - writing on property, retail, eco-tourism, restaurants, web design, construction, mental health and lifestyle over the years. Emma's work has been noticed several times and she regularly contributes to national and local radio to voice her opinion or expertise. In her very small amount of spare time, Emma is an Aspiring Author and she writes stories as well as poetry. Currently, she is getting ready (building up the courage) to submit her first novel, Stuck in the bottle, a young adult fictional novel. Emma is passionate about books and you'll often find her at literary events or book launches. Emma loves nothing more than spending time with her two daughters and husband, but she also loves reading books, chocolate and coffee - she may have a donut addiction too.

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