How To Get The Most Out Of Cheap Garden Furniture

Summer is here and this means getting out in the garden and having fun! 

Summer is here and this means getting out in the garden and having fun! Of course, being able to sit outside comfortably means having some outdoor furniture to relax in.  

There are many options when buying outdoor furniture, but some options can be incredibly expensive, so we have put together a few tips on getting the most out of your cheap and cheerful outdoor furniture for the sunny months ahead:  


Pick the right space for the furniture

You need to have the outdoor furniture in a good spot for sunbathing and for eating/relaxing. Regardless of how fancy your furniture is, if it isn’t in a good position you may not get the most from it. A patio or a decking foundation is ideal but if you don’t have this option, pick somewhere close to the back door so you can get bits you need easily for BBQ’s and the kids playing.  


If you have a few plain benches or seats you could always consider repainting them into funky colours that will bring the garden to life. Throw in a few garden ornaments in similar (or the same) colours and you could have a cool and funky theme going on. Paint isn’t overly expensive, and it will liven up boring benches or chairs.  

Invest in fabrics

Even the most basic of outdoor furniture can instantly look better with the addition of some fabrics. By fabrics, we mean buying cushions, throws, blankets and tablecloths. A bistro style table and chairs are cheap to buy but with a warming throw and a colourful cushion as well as a funky tablecloth, they look fancier and more expensive. Furthermore, you are going to get more use out of them as the evenings are a lot cooler, so the addition of throws and blankets makes the area more homely and warmer.  


Outdoor furniture works well in the evenings too and therefore; lighting is needed but it doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive options. There are plenty of lighting options in garden centres that will add to your outdoor area. Without the right kind of lighting, an outdoor area will only be utilised in daylight so make the most out of the summer with good lighting and don’t forget candles work well too!  

the addition of throws and blankets makes the area more homely and warmer

Dining and BBQs

If you have the blankets, throws, cushions and tablecloths, now all you need is the outdoor dining accessories including, knives, forks and plates. Luckily, there are many cheap options in shops, and they come in a variety of styles and colours. A good BBQ doesn’t have to be expensive but if you don’t have one - you are missing out! To make the most out of your outdoor furniture you need to have more reasons to be in it, so get outside and cook and eat!  

Invite people around

Once you have everything in order and you are happy with your outdoor furniture it is time to invite people over (with social distancing guidelines in mind). Cut the grass, pot some flowers and let the kids play while you have a few family and friends over. The outdoor furniture needs to be used and what better way to enjoy it than a bit of entertaining. Enjoy!    

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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