Fun Family Ideas For The June Bank Holiday Weekend

We've got you covered for family fun at home (or in the garden) this June bank holiday weekend.

As another Bank Holiday comes our way many of us struggle to think of ways to make it feel special. In general it is a challenge to separate the work-week from the weekend so a Bank Holiday adds another layer. We want to make the long weekend feel fun and exciting for the kids without adding huge amount of stress to our lives.

We've put our creative hat on and found some really lovely ideas for family fun over the bank holiday weekend. These simple activities and ideas are low maintenance but are bound to bring lots of fun and laughter to your family unit.

Make Rainbow Popcorn

Family movie nights are always a massive novelty but, dare I say it, they are getting a little bit repetitive. Rainbow popcorn is here to save the day. Let the kids pick their favourite movie while you whip up this super fun popcorn. Doesn't it look delicious? You'll just need to soak some Skittles in the oil for a couple of hours before adding them to a warm pot with the popcorn kernels.

Make A Cardboard Car

We love this idea. You know what they say about children and cardboard boxes. They are always a winner. Why not make your very own cardboard car and have a family "drive in" movie night.

Make Garden More Bug, Bird And Bee Friendly

If you are lucky enough to have a garden you are probably spending a huge amount of time there at the moment. There is something therapeutic about getting the children outdoors and in to fresh air. BBQ's and water fights may be on your radar. Why not spend some time making your garden a little more bug, bird and bee friendly? It adds a lovely atmosphere to the garden and is a great learning opportunity for the kids.

Have A Posh Picnic

Children love to eat outdoors. It is a total novelty. We tend to be less distracted when we are eating outdoors too. We are chatting, laughing and really enjoying the food. A posh picnic can happen in your garden (or in the living room like the family below). It's like a regular picnic but with all of your favourite delicacies. Think fancy bread, olives and your favourite cake. You could even dress up for the occasion.

Make IKEA Meatballs For Dinner

IKEA have kindly released the recipe for their famous meatballs. Why not whip them up for a family dinner this weekend? Delicious!

Play Family Bingo

Bingo is all the rage these days. You've probably played it in some form online in recent weeks (or in your front garden if there was a neighbourhood version). Why not play an actual real life game of it with the family? You can download a template and pick up some prizes to make it extra fun for the kids.

Start A Family DIY Project

Nobody wants to plan a weekend of chores. However, there is no denying the sense of satisfaction when you finally make progress in your home. You could always merge the worlds of home and crafts and find a family DIY project. Mum of three Ali recently transformed her fridge in to a Smeg look-alike and the results were amazing.

Make Ice Cream Bread (It's SO Easy)

This is one of our favourite Lili Forberg recipes (we love them all). Ice-cream cake will pretty much make you parent of the year in the eyes of your children. The best part is you literally need ice-cream, flour and sprinkles. It's insanely tasty!

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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