Redecorating Your Child's Bedroom? Here Are Some Ideas For Cool Colour Palettes And Themes!

Lots of us have become a little bit obsessed with interior design lately. While you might have already spent plenty of time perfecting your kitchen and sitting room, there’s still another room to get your teeth into – your child’s bedroom!

No doubt once they reach their teenage years you won’t even be able to set foot inside their sanctuary, so while they’re still happy to let you have an input on the design of their room, it’s best to make the most of it. Here are some trends for 2021 to make your child's bedroom pop.

Colour palettes

Subtle pastels and muted colours are very popular at the moment. They’re also very calming, which can only be a good thing when their room is where they go to relax. Soft mint greens are particularly soothing and sunshine yellows will create a warm, happy vibe.


Natural materials are now fashionable in every room in the house and as we are raising our kids to be eco-friendly, it makes sense to encourage them to choose furniture made from sustainable materials for their bedroom. Rattan, bamboo and wood furniture and accessories are everywhere right now. They’re both durable and gorgeous to look at and use too.

Scandinavian style

Lots of us have already adopted the Scandinavian trend for our living room, but don’t rule it out for your child’s bedroom too. This style is characterised by a neutral colour scheme, lots of natural light and a minimalist feel. It may be too plain for older kids but it’s perfect for newborns and toddlers because it’s both interesting but restful.

Safari theme

Another theme perfect for a young child's bedroom is safari. Tranquil greys, greens and browns set the tone and it’s a great way to ignite their interest in wild animals by featuring them on the walls of their bedrooms. Soft toys and a rug featuring lions, elephants or tigers add fun and texture and if you decide to go for this look, then why not let relatives know so that when it comes to Christmas and birthdays they can gift them accessories to add to their collection.


The outer space theme isn’t going anywhere. With the Perseverance Rover’s recent successful landing on Mars, no doubt there are lots of kids that now count learning about space as one of their favourite hobbies. Grey or blue walls will set the tone and accessories such as bedding, cushions, a lamp and wall and ceiling stickers will complete the look; if they glow in the dark then even better!


Floral patterns are certainly nothing new but this year they are getting bigger and better than ever. Oversized floral designs are extremely popular in bedroom décor and by creating a feature wall using floral wallpaper in your child's bedroom, you can have a focal point without it taking over the whole room.


Wallpaper, in general, is also back with a bang and another trendy pattern is the polka dot. There are lots of variations in colour and size and you may have noticed that Mrs Hinch chose polka dot wallpaper for her new nursery, so this is sure to increase its desirability even more!

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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