The 10 Types Of Zoom Callers

When it comes to Zoom, which caller are you?

A couple of months ago most of us had never heard of Zoom before. In the beginning weeks of lockdown the word started to slip in to conversations. People were starting to acquire a variety of different services from the comfort of their own home. Zoom was the broadcasting app that facilitated video calls with their personal trainer, pharmacist, yoga instructor and therapist.

Zoom has also been a fantastic work tool. It allows for conference calls between staff which can encorperate video and audio at the same time. This has kept the collaboration spirit alive within organizations as well as providing a platform for updates, virtual board meetings and creative planning as a team.

Before we new it Zoom was being used as a social tool. Quizzes were happening between family members and groups of friends. There have been virtual hen parties, baby showers and girly catch-ups to beat the band. It has allowed us to create a virtual social life with the people we love the most.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain things you do as part of your zoom experience? Or perhaps you've noticed a couple of repeated behaviours in a friend or work colleague. We've noticed too. For a bit of a fun, why not consider which Zoom caller you are. Here are 10 that we've spotted time and time again.

The Camera Always On Caller

So your boss is doing a presentation and everyone has turned their cameras and audio off for it. You've left it on though because you just kind of like seeing yourself up there. People think you don't realize it's on but you do, right?

The Dressed For A Night Out Caller

You couldn't possibly log in without some sort of vibrant lippy and a statement necklace. This is now your social life, even if it is a board meeting.

The Quirky Background Caller

Are you the work colleague or friend that loves to change your background to a tropical scene? We appreciate you.

The "Clearly On A Different Website" Caller

Your camera is on, your looking at your screen and you're clearly typing away during the talk, presentation or brain-storming session. Sure look, the online food shop has to be done.

The Comedian Caller

You see it as your role to make people laugh during these grim times and Zoom has become your stage. Your colleagues need you and you're serving up the laughs.

The Shouty Caller

You're new to this kind of technology and feel like you have to shout in to your computer to be heard. You're screaming at Debbie in accounts and she's a little bit scared of you now.

The Interrupted Parent Caller

You are trying to participate in a work call but someone needs a snack, a hug or their bum wiped.

You are trying to participate in a work call but someone needs a snack, a hug or their bum wiped.

The "Are You Sure My Camera Is Off" Caller

You're paranoid that work colleagues and friends can see you cooking, cleaning and talking to your spouse. Zoom calls have made you paranoid that your life is now a Big Brother style broadcast even though your computer has been shut down.

The Zoo- Keeper Caller

During every Zoom call, at one point or another, you simply have to introduce your pet to everyone.

The "Look At My Mug" Caller

You cannot participate in a zoom call without a cup of tea or coffee and with each zoom call comes an opportunity to show your colleague another one of your mugs. It's a little show-and-tell and we are here for it.

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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