As busy mums,  it’s essential to make sure you have a regular “ladies’ night” out with the women in your life

As busy mums,  it’s essential to make sure you have a regular “ladies’ night” out with the women in your life. Here's why!
  • To escape.  A night out with the gals can help relieve that stress as you get lost in chatter and banter that doesn’t involve all the BS and hum drum of the real world. 
  • To bond. In a world where social media rules, face-to-face bonding is becoming a thing of the past. By spending time with your friends in the actual flesh, you get a chance to have actual human contact.
  • To have a reason to get dolled up. They say that women dress up for other women! 
  • To have some entertaining drama. There's always goss to share or funny memories to make so you have something to talk about for weeks, or even months.
  • To dance. Let’s be honest: have you ever had a ladies’ night that hasn’t resulted in a bop? 
  • To take on the world. The powerful feeling of strength in numbers; there's nothing quite like it. It’s literally you guys against the world. 
  • To get your freak on! No one else really puts up with your idiosyncrasies quite like your BF's. You get to let the weirdo in you shine!
  • To get a little space. When you're a mum, space and time for yourself become a thing of the past, so it's so important every now and then to grab a little 'you' time and social time away from the family. 
  • To shower and pee alone. Needs no further explanation.
  • To remember why you’re YOU. Your friends keep you grounded. You are the person you are today because of some of these ladies in your life! 
Like you need anymore excuses ladies!!

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