How To Make Your Child's Concert Trip A Success

Explain the format of a concert to your child. Many will benefit from hearing about the layout of the venue.

Sharing a love of music with your children can be a really special experience. Music is incredibly evocative. Hearing just a couple of beats from a particular song can send a bank full of memories and emotions your way. So many pivotal moments in our lives relate to music. Wedding days, birthdays, relationships and new beginnings are often connected to a particular song or band that related to that time.

There are so many benefits to enjoying music so it is natural to want your children to take an interest in it. At some point your child may express an interest in going to a concert and as a parent that may feel daunting. There are so many things that may trigger fear about a live show in a crowded venue. Particularly when it involves a variety of different ages and stages.

There are a number of things that you can do to help make your child's concert trip a great success.

how to make your child
Explain the format of a concert to your child. Many will benefit from hearing about the layout of the venue.
  1. Age is an important factor. You will need to make sure your child is old enough to understand the safety factors and that they'll be able for the late night, loud music and crowded room.
  2. Don't forget to fuel them up. Concert venues are hot and stuffy places and some teenagers are prone to episodes of fainting. Ensure that you have eaten before the concert and pick up a bottle of water to sip while you're there.
  3. Explain the format of a concert to your child. Many will benefit from hearing about the layout of the venue and the fact that a support act may perform before the main act. This could prevent any surprises that lead to a negative mood.
  4. Research the parking options before hand. Nobody wants to be circling around town on the night and running the risk of arriving to the concert late.
  5. Budget for the extras such as merchandise. That stand selling branded t-shirts and phone covers will be very exciting for your kid. Perhaps you could encourage them to keep some birthday/Christmas money for this.
  6. Be mindful of the different age groups at the concert. There will more than likely be inebriated/high energy people close by and that poses a hazard for a lot of different reasons.
  7. Pick your seats wisely. Standing for a long time will not work for some children. Others will want/need to be close to the bathroom. Which reminds me, make sure you visit the toilet before the show because they'll be jam-packed as the night goes on.
  8. Don't forget the tickets. You won't be your kid's favourite person in the world if you can't actually get in to the concert.

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