Primary School Children In Cork Are Learning About Emotional Intelligence

Children aged 10-12 in a Cork primary school are learning about emotional intelligence and how to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

It's safe to say that mental health has probably never been more at the forefront of parents' minds than it is now.

Between cyber safety, bullying, climate anxiety and the simple act of growing up in what can be at times a scary and challenging world, it is so important that children are equipped with the right emotional tools.

While we can't and won't ever be able to protect our children from everything, we can give them everything they need in terms of coping skills.

That is exactly what is happening in a Cork primary school thanks to Motus Learning. They are teaching children aged 10-11 about emotional intelligence and the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy.

In an article on, 24-year-old Christopher Shun, the managing director of Motus Learning, said:

“You can think in helpful or unhelpful ways. It’s really important to correct your thinking, which is why we’re measuring meta-cognition. Ten, eleven and twelve years are the ages when children are beginning to develop how to think. They are aware at that age that they’re able to change how they think.”

10-12-year-olds are also heading towards a period of transition, Christopher pointed out. Going from primary school to secondary school is a massive change which can be difficult for kids to understand and cope with.

Christopher argues that it is imperative to give children tools to deal with whatever emotions present themselves during this time or any other difficult time. At this age, the entire brain is developed aside from the pre-frontal cortex, which handles decision making and planning ahead.

Christopher explained:

"We want to build a brain foundation, basically for the pre-frontal cortex, so that children can make good decisions from an early age as opposed to waiting for problems to happen and trying to deal with them afterwards.”

We think this is a fantastic initiative. For more information, visit

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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