The Most Important Things Every Child Should Know

When it comes to little ones, the lessons that they learn from their parents are just as important as what they learn in school.

Children learn a lot of things in their young lives, but no lesson is as important as simple life lessons. 

Yes, learning to read and write is vital, but these are mostly learnt in school and it is good for parents to realise a lot of what children learn is from their home life and their parents. 

Here are some of the most important things every child should know that are just as important as what they learn in school:

Respect is key

Teaching your children to respect you as a parent is one thing but do you teach them to respect others? No matter who a person is, they all have the right to be respected and that means showing your children how to be empathic and how to respect people. 

Regardless of their job, race or sexual orientation, respect is an important lesson for kids and one they should all understand. 

Kindness matters

Like respect, children are usually kind to those they know but how about those they may not know as well? Kindness is extremely important and personally, I think schools should do more to encourage it by rewarding it in the same way as aptitude, attendance and talent. 

Having kindness is one way that could potentially change the world and it is so easy to do. By being kind, you are teaching your kids to not be mean to others and showing them that we never really know what people are going through, so being mean is terribly hurtful and wrong. Be kind, always. 

Two girls walking together outside
Having kindness is one way that could potentially change the world.

Be your own person

It doesn’t matter if their friends are mean or if their friends choose to give their teacher a hard time, kids need to know they can be their own person and don’t have to follow suit. 

They shouldn’t do something they don't like for someone's approval. Always teach your child to be ready to stand up for themselves. 

Overcome challenges

As a child, there will always be challenges in their lives and that is why it is so important that parents teach their youngsters to be resilient and to problem-solve for themselves. 

Of course, parents should advise and guide their children, but they should learn how to do things for themselves. Parents can’t be there all the time and by teaching them these skills, you are doing them a lot of justice. 

Life isn’t easy but everything has a solution

Kids know how hard life is and they will find themselves feeling a little lost at times, but with good parents, they can learn how to manage those feelings

Most problems usually have a solution and one that may seem unattainable, but it is possible to overcome the problems. That’s building their resilience. 

Learning is important

No matter how old anyone is, everyone should always be learning how to do things and how to self-improve. Don’t let their inner voice tell them that something is not possible and that they are not worthy. 

Let their voice guide them to great things and use knowledge to find their way in life. Regardless of their talents, every child can do anything they want in life. They have started with a blank canvas and it is up to them to do what is needed to achieve their dreams. Make mistakes and move on. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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