TikTok Reveals The Easiest Way To Cut A Birthday Cake

Is there anything worse than being given full responsibility of the birthday cake?

We've all been there - after the happy birthday song is sung and the "hoorays" have been "hip hip" 'd, someone has to cut the birthday cake and if you're reading this, I'm guessing that someone is you.

Cutting birthday cake can get messy, tedious and crumby, very quickly. However, one TikTok user revealed this genius hack that allows you to slice birthday cake in one seamless, crumb-free swoop.


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TikTok user @inmyseams posted the now viral video which has received 96.1k likes. In the caption, she simply said:

"Don't cut your cakes with knives no more."

The secret? Dental floss.

You heard us right. It's not your cutting skills that make slicing cake so difficult and messy, it's actually the knife. By using dental floss, the pressure is spread out evenly from one end of the cake to the other, making the cut clean and crumb-free. Plus, it's so easy, you'll have the cake sliced up in no time.

Who knew TikTok was the place to go for food and household hacks? We'll be begging to be assigned designated cake-slicer the next time a birthday party comes around.

Will you be trying out this easy hack? If you give it a go, let us know by tagging us on Instagram! Find us at @familyfriendlyhq

Sophie Gavin

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