5 Types Of Parents in Quarantine

Who else knows the TikTok "savage" dance pretty much off by heart right now?

Quarantine has brought out many different sides to us all - sides that we never thought would see the light of day. Here are five types of parents that we've seen on social media in the last few weeks.

The TikTok Dancing One

Okay, admit it. A few months ago we were all sitting around mocking TikTok and laughing at the dances, but now those dance routines and catchy songs are all we have. If you're not on TikTok yourself, we bet you know at least one of your friends who have been dragged into their kids' TikToks or who have set aside an afternoon to learn the "savage" dance.


I don’t even faze him anymore 😂 ##savage ##parentsoftiktok ##momsoftiktok ##over30 ##marriage ##couplegoals ##comedy

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The Productive One

Some people need to constantly be kept busy when in stressful situations - it's just how their brain operates. And honestly, more power to them! But we all know that one parent who makes the perfect crafts, is up at the crack of dawn making pancakes every day, has the house looking spotless and has somehow taught themselves a second language. How do they do it and can you show us how we can be like that, please?

The One Who Has Given Up On Meal Prep

Sometimes it's a gourmet meal filled with all the nutrition in the world. Sometimes it's noodles. Okay, a lot of the time it's noodles.


ok it’s probably more like 22 times, don’t judge! 😅 ##kids ##momsoftiktok ##parentsoftiktok

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The Baking One

Everyone went through a spell of baking banana bread for a while - it's what happens when you're cooped up with not a lot to do. But some parents have taken their quarantine bakes to the next level and never seem to be out of the kitchen. When lockdown is over, can we go to your house please?

The Distracted One

Working from home while you have kids is a massive challenge at the moment. Not all of us are working though, and when one partner works while the other doesn't, it can make for some pretty funny situations. Like this woman whose life goal is to distract her partner from work. We love it.


##workdistractions ##workfromhome ##parentsoftiktok ##momsoftiktok##boredathome ##tiktokmoms

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Whether you fall into all of the categories here or none, remember we are all trying our best to get through this in our own individual way.

Would you add anything to our list?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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